BWC announces rebates

COLUMBUS — The Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation has announced that $627,790 in rebates will come to Shelby County public entities this month.

“While the money is theirs to spend as they see fit, we encourage employers to invest in workplace safety measures that prevent injuries and reduce their workers’ comp costs,” said Bob Braun, BWC regional business development manager.

The checks are part of a $1.5 billion rebate to Ohio employers this summer, BWC’s fourth rebate of similar magnitude since 2013 and the agency’s largest in 20 years.

The rebates are possible because of the agency’s healthy investment income, falling claims and prudent fiscal management. The rebate brings workers’ comp savings for all Ohio employers to $8 billion since 2011.

The following amounts have been designated locally: city of Sidney, $206,550.85; Shelby County, $196,263.40; Sidney City Schools, $69,820.70; Anna Local Schools, $25,987.05; village of Anna, $19,499; Fairlawn Local Schools, $19,446.60; Hardin-Houston Local Schools, $13,076.40; Fort Loramie Local Schools, $10,454.15; village of Fort Loramie, $8,969.20; Botkins Local Schools, $8,281.55; Jackson Center Local Schools, $7,787.70; village of Jackson Center, $6,868; village of Botkins, $5,657.60; Russia Local Schools, $5,415.90; Western Ohio Computer Organization, $4,490.55.

Also West Central Ohio Network, $3,621.85; Van Buren Township, $1,711.90; Amos Memorial Public Library, $1,403.35; Franklin Township, $1,293.70; Clinton Township, $1,194.25; Perry Township, $1,120.30; Salem Township, $1,103.30; village of Russia, $984.60; Turtle Creek Township, $888.25; Loramie Township, $810.90; Jackson Township, $745.45; McLean Township $736.10; Dinsmore Township, $714; Washington Township, $708.05; Cynthian Township, $649.45; Green Township, $679.15; Orange Township, $602.65; village of Kettlersville, $144.50; village of Port Jefferson, $109.65.

Rebates to Auglaize County include the following: Auglaize County, $174,550.30; village of Minster, $35,413.55; Auglaize County Educational Service Center, $29,745.15; New Bremen Schools, $21,322.28; village of New Bremen, $16,072.65; Minster Local Schools, $14,083.65; New Knoxville Schools, $5,522.45; village of New Knoxville, $4,641.85; Auglaize County Public Library, $1,418.65.

Rebates to Darke County include the following: Darke County, $130,080.56; Versailles Schools, $21,170.95; village of Versailles, $13,150.35.

Rebates to Logan County include the following: Logan County, 4310,210.28; Ohio Hi-Point Joint Vocational School, $11,475.85; Riverside Local Schools, $7,776.65; village of Quincy, $2,820.30.