Shoenfelt accepts new title



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CELINA — Bill Montgomery, president and CEO of Celina Insurance Group has announced the company’s Senior Vice President – Chief Information Officer, Rob Shoenfelt, of Sidney, will have a new title.

Shoenfelt will now be known as Celina Insurance Group’s senior vice president – chief information and innovation officer.

Shoenfelt’s new responsibilities will focus on identifying and proposing opportunities for technology to be applied to company processes and customer experience to drive breakthrough innovation.

“Rob is an out-of-the-box thinker who, for many years, has been a visionary in the world of information technology,” Montgomery said. “Adding ‘chief innovation officer’ to his current title emphasizes the importance we place on innovation.”

“Innovation is not just about technology,” Shoenfelt said. “It’s about challenging the status quo and answering questions about where we want to go and what we are trying to accomplish as a business. It involves all areas including our employees, agents, and other partners that all work together to build the company of today and tomorrow.”

Shoenfelt Courtesy photo