Midmark rebrands itself

DAYTON — Midmark Corp., a leading provider of medical, dental and veterinary equipment solutions, has launched a new corporate brand identity that captures the company’s commitment to a better care experience and the growing value Midmark offers customers as they focus on improving clinical outcomes.

The new brand identity, which includes a new website, logo, tagline and more, mirrors the transformation of Midmark from an equipment manufacturer into a clinical environmental design company that enables a better care experience for caregivers and patients in medical, dental and animal health industries. By harmonizing the clinical space, technology, products and workflows, the company works closely with customers to contribute to better clinical outcomes.

“Care providers are always looking for new approaches, innovative technologies and proven solutions that can help enhance the patient and caregiver experience and improve the quality of care provided,” said John Baumann, president and CEO, Midmark. “At Midmark, improving the experience between the patient and caregiver is at the heart of everything we do. Whether we are talking about a doctor’s office, dental practice or veterinary clinic, better care starts with a better-designed care environment, which leads to better outcomes.”

The new tagline, “Designing better care,” establishes a new path for the company as it continues to strengthen its role in the care experience through advanced technologies, acquisitions, new markets and expanded service offerings. It elevates the importance of design in the customer’s mind; helping them understand it’s not just about the space, but also how it is used and the people interacting within it.

Baumann continued, “Our goal is to help our customers provide more efficient, effective and positive experiences that will enable them to focus on the quality of care and outcomes.”