ContiTech hits milestone

Staff report

ST. MARYS — On the heels of celebrating its 75th anniversary, ContiTech’s premier engineered products plant in St. Marys has reached another milestone by manufacturing its 150,000th rubber track.

The product is used in a variety of construction and agriculture applications to drive high horsepower tractors, harvesters, grain carts, asphalt pavers and other miscellaneous applications.

“This is an achievement of which we are particularly pleased because it has helped us sustain our overall business and has been a staple product of this plant,” said Plant Manager Steve Zenar. “It is also a testament to the dedication of our employees, their work ethic and commitment to each other, our plant and our company.”

The builders and assemblers of the milestone segment were build operators Kevin Zizelman and Jeff Downard; cure operators Deb Lighty, Virgil Kennedy, Tammy Wootan; and finishers and packers Tiff McKee and Mike Wilson.

Since 1992, the plant has produced more than 3.5 million feet of track, with the average length, 23 feet.

“The average weight of a rubber track is approximately 1,300 pounds,” said Zenar, “so in our 23 years of production, we have produced approximately 195 million pounds of track.”

The plant started production in 1940 and was chartered by the United Rubber Workers union in April of 1941. In addition to manufacturing rubber track, the facility produces other specialty track and custom rubber products and mixes rubber for its own operations, as well as for the Marysville conveyor belt plant and other plants within the ContiTech organization.

Staff report