Miami Valley Hospital adds beds

DAYTON — Miami Valley Hospital recently opened an upgraded, 36-bed, neuroscience, advanced-care unit on the 10th floor of the hospital’s southeast tower, and is set to finish construction next month on an upgraded, 36-bed, neuroscience, intensive-care unit to be housed on the 11th floor of the building.

Both units feature advanced technology to enhance patient care and the patient experience.

Before moving to the 10th floor of the southeast tower last month, Miami Valley Hospital’s neuroscience advanced care unit was located on the sixth floor of the hospital’s main building, with the neuroscience intensive care unit on the ninth floor of the southeast tower. The ninth floor of the southeast tower will serve as an additional cardiology unit once construction of the neuroscience intensive care on the 11th floor is complete, enabling the hospital – which is the area’s only Level 1 trauma center – to focus on treating neuroscience patients, as well as cardiology patients, in the tower. The space that previously housed the neuroscience advanced care unit is transitioning to an observation unit.

Patient rooms on both units feature electronic communication boards and customizable message drawing boards in patient rooms; reclining chairs that are more user-friendly for patients; adjustable shades built into patient room doors to increase privacy while allowing nurses to still view patients; charging ports throughout the units for family; and much more. Additionally, the medication delivery system in place in the new units has been streamlined to improve work flow for care teams, allowing nurses to administer medication to patients more efficiently.

The new units also have been designed to feature a nurse’s station in each of three 12-room patient wings, rather than one centralized station for the floor, allowing nurses to be closer to patients.

“The neuroscience intensive care unit on the 11th floor of the hospital’s southeast tower also will feature upgraded epilepsy monitoring and treatment capabilities, including improved visibility and access to patients, with advanced equipment in place for future growth.