Marketing Week at UNOH

LIMA — The University of Northwestern Ohio’s Chapter of the American Marketing Association will host its fourth annual Marketing Week from Oct. 1 to Oct. 5.

Organizing the Marketing Week events early in October helps the UNOH Chapter of the AMA increase its membership numbers by pulling from all the new students on campus each fall.

National Marketing Week is celebrated annually by collegiate and high school chapters of the American Marketing Association, one of the largest professional associations for marketers with more than 30,000 members worldwide in every area of marketing. Marketing Week is a chance for collegiate chapters to showcase both the variety and depth of marketing, opportunities for careers in marketing as well as highlight the benefits of belonging to AMA and UNOH’s collegiate chapter.

On Monday, Oct. 1, students will participate in a LinkedIn workshop put on by UNOH alumnus and current employee of NOW Marketing Brian Williams. Prior to the workshop, students will have an opportunity to get professional photos made to use on their LinkedIn bios.

The UNOH AMA Chapter will be taking over UNOH’s Snapchat account (unohracers) all day, interviewing students who are majoring in marketing along with university marketing officials.

Wednesday will challenge students to stop by various booths on campus and share a slogan of a company they are familiar with. Students who do so will receive a cookie.

On Thursday, Chad Hughes, of the Lima Memorial Hospital Public Relations Department, will speak to interested students about “Branding Yourself.” This presentation will take place in the Student Commons Building at 7 p.m.

Friday, Oct. 5, the UNOH AMA Chapter will travel to Lansing Community College to participate in a regional conference of the American Marketing Association.