Comfort Keepers rebrands itself

SPRINGFIELD — Building on two decades of enhancing the quality of life for seniors, Comfort Keepers of the Miami Valley is working with Comfort Keepers offices nationwide to change how people think about aging while setting an elevated standard in home care.

Comfort Keepers unveiled a major brand refresh and new positioning — Elevating the Human Spirit — to focus on what matters most to seniors and their families: elevating mental and emotional health in addition to physical wellbeing.

Comfort Keepers is a market leader in caring for seniors and other adults wishing to live independently at home. The company is evolving its brand focus to elevating the lives of elders by transforming everyday moments into opportunities to enhance connectedness, happiness, purpose and meaning. By adopting the Elevating the Human Spirit philosophy, Comfort Keepers is placing those daily interactions with clients, its caregivers and overall philosophy of care front and center.

“For over 20 years, families throughout the Miami Valley have turned to Comfort Keepers to help care for the seniors and adults they love, and we’ve been honored to become a part of our clients’ lives,” said Kristina Butler, Comfort Keepers’ founder and local owner. “This rebrand brings into sharper focus how we care for our clients physically, mentally and emotionally, delivering care to the whole person with positivity, joy and purpose.”

To bring its Elevating the Human Spirit approach to life, Comfort Keepers of the Miami Valley, as well as Comfort Keepers offices around the country, are focusing on how caregivers deliver care and engage clients. The company is emphasizing the corporation’s Interactive Caregiving method. This unique care approach empowers seniors while encouraging them to participate in life’s daily activities.

Numerous studies, including extensive company-sponsored research, have illustrated that the mental outlook of seniors plays a major role in their overall health and longevity. A study cited by AARP suggests that social isolation and loneliness has the equivalent effect of smoking 15 cigarettes per day.

The caregivers, called comfort keepers, focus on providing a unique, individualized approach to care and socialization that helps seniors thrive and achieve greater wellbeing. By fostering positive moments and connections, caregivers help older adults achieve a more joyful and purposeful life, no matter their age or acuity. Comfort Keepers can help older adults with everything from daily routines, like help around the home, nutritious meals, dressing and grooming, to togetherness tasks like shopping and running errands.

“We believe it’s time to set a new standard for what active senior care means in the lives of elders and their families,” said Butler. “By focusing on the mental and social well-being of our clients, combined with individualized care, we will make a joyful impact on their lives.”

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