DRMA marks 85 years

DAYTON — The Dayton Region Manufacturers Association (DRMA) will celebrate its 85th anniversary, Thursday, April, 25, 2019.

DRMA was founded, April 25, 1934, and since then has served as the voice of manufacturing in the greater Dayton region.

DRMA Chairman Don Clouser, of the Champion Companies, said, “DRMA is an example of Dayton’s rich heritage. For 85 years, DRMA has promoted the value of the region’s manufacturing industry and its impact on the community.”

In April 1934, 25 tool shop owners from Dayton banded together to form the Tool Manufacturer’s Association. These tooling pioneers had come together because they felt the need to provide a united front to oppose some of the provisions of the recently enacted National Industrial Recovery Act. Although many provisions of the act were found unconstitutional by the Supreme Court in 1935, the bond that was formed among these owners lived on in the association that was formed.

Many things have changed since its founding in 1934, including the name. In 1960, it became the Dayton Tool & Die Manufacturers Association; in 1982, the Dayton Tooling & Machining Association; in 2003, the Dayton Tooling & Manufacturing Association; and in 2011, it became the Dayton Region Manufacturers Association. This last name change reflected the association’s desire to better represent the manufacturing diversity of its membership and to unify the strength of all manufacturing companies in the region and beyond.

Longtime DRMA member Bob Clark, had this to say about the association: “Its service to the industry has included training, career awareness, advocacy and many other support functions too numerous to mention. After 85 years, it remains a positive influence on industry in the Dayton region.”

DRMA’s mission is promoting business success through peer-to-peer connectivity, career awareness, advocacy, education, economic development and sharing of best practices. It provides programs and services that give its members the opportunity to advance their businesses individually and the manufacturing industry collectively.