State of Ohio named Energy Efficiency Champion

COLUMBUS — The Ohio Department of Administrative Services, led by Director Matthew M. Damschroder, has been recognized for its strong commitment to energy efficiency.

DAS, which manages nine facilities for the state, was one of 19 entities named an Energy Efficiency Champion by AEP Ohio during an awards ceremony May 9 in Delaware.

“DAS continually looks for ways to reduce energy use to save taxpayer dollars and the environment,” Damschroder said. “We appreciate AEP Ohio for not only recognizing DAS but for highlighting organizations who can serve as role models for other building owners and managers.”

DAS was nominated for the award for projects completed last year at the James A. Rhodes State Office Tower as well as the DAS offices at 4200 Surface Road. AEP Ohio has reported these projects will save nearly two gigawatts of energy annually.

At the Rhodes Tower, located at 30 E. Broad St. in downtown Columbus, the lighting in the lobby and mechanical rooms was upgraded to LED fixtures. The LED lights are brighter and more energy efficient. Between the AEP Ohio incentive payment and energy savings, the total cost of this project was recovered within 14 months.

Also, the building automation system at the Rhodes Tower was upgraded by adding an integrated building pressurization control system and visual analytics software. The control system helps the heating, ventilating and air conditioning mechanical systems work together to more efficiently heat and cool the building. The analytics software tracks data from various HVAC components to maintain optimal performance. Between the AEP Ohio incentive payments and energy savings, the total cost of this project is anticipated to be recovered within approximately three-and-a-half years.

Finally, the project at 4200 Surface Road, located on the west side of Columbus, included replacing the rooftop HVAC units with upgraded energy efficient units. The old units had exceeded their useful life and had limited automation control features. The upgraded rooftop units are fully integrated into the building automation system and networked to provide consistent air temperatures throughout the varying seasons using variable speed fans and compressors. This allows the units to operate at lower speeds throughout the day while using considerably fewer utility resources. Between the AEP Ohio incentive payments, energy savings, and reduced maintenance, the total cost of this project is anticipated to be recovered within 10 years.

The two gigawatts of energy savings at the current contract rate translates into a savings of $110,640.

The Energy Efficiency Champions were nominated and selected for their outstanding contributions to increasing energy efficiency within their organizations, reducing their energy usage and positively affecting the environment.

AEP Ohio is based in Gahanna and is a unit of American Electric Power. AEP Ohio provides electricity to nearly 1.5 million customers.

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