Bryce Realty opens doors in Sidney

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D. Fleming

D. Fleming

R. Fleming

SIDNEY — Bryce Realty LLC opened its office April 6, 2015. The owners are Realators David Fleming and his son, Ryan, who serves as the Broker. Missy Lange and Rhiannon Rose are also Realtors with the company, the office is located next to I-75 at 2805 Wapakoneta Ave.

The Flemings have submitted the following report:

Our business model is designed to serve a clientele that utilizes the digital age. Based on a study conducted by the National Association of Realtors in 2014 and 2015 the millennial generation, those born between 1980-1995 make up 68 percent of first time homebuyers, of which 94 percent used digital technology such as websites and mobile apps to search for homes.

When representing buyers we provide them a free mobile app that allows them to search properties linked directly to our Multiple Listing Service, this search is in real time preventing delays that may occur with other real estate websites.

We also program buyer’s search criteria into our system and whenever a property comes to the marketplace of their liking they are instantly notified via email, allowing us the opportunity to schedule showings for them immediately.

Through digital technology when representing sellers we are capable of sending their listings to up to 900 websites. Using this technology allows us the ability to capture how many times a property has been viewed online, this information is sent weekly to our clients keeping them informed of the activity for their listing.

Cloud technology has allowed us the ability to take our office anywhere a client would like to meet that has wireless internet. Our Realtors, using a laptop or tablet can access all documents needed to list a property or write a contract. Using Docusign technology we are able to email documents anywhere in the world for our clients to electronically sign, when completed the documents are immediately forwarded to all parties involved in the transaction. This saves time and can be utilized at the convenience of our clients.

We still strive very much to keep the human element of our business, we believe our business should be people first and houses second. We have clients who either are intimidated by or prefer not to use digital technology and this is OK with us. Clients often come to our office and we help them find homes to view online and we help sellers by completing a Comparative Market Analysis for a property they may be thinking of selling.

D. Fleming Fleming

R. Fleming Fleming

For the Sidney Daily News