DP&L reminds customers to call 811 before digging

DAYTON – Each year Aug. 11 is a reminder to dig safely.

It’s important to dial 811 or connect online to have the approximate location of underground utilities and pipelines marked, according to Dayton Power & Light Co. Whether a homeowner or contracted professional, before starting landscaping or home improvement projects, if the project involves digging, DP&L said individuals should call 811.

It’s important that residents, contractors or anyone planning work that requires digging follow the advised safety procedures and know where electrical, gas and other utility lines are buried on the property, according to DP&L. In some cases, this can be only a few inches from the surface and easy striking distance even for shallow digging projects.

Individuals should call the Ohio Utility Protection Service at 800-362-2764 at least two business days before starting any kind of digging or construction. OUPS will mark the location of utility lines. Those who do not complete digging or construction projects within 10 business days after the initial marking will need to call back to have the utility lines remarked for verification.

To learn more, visit www.dpandl.com.