Partnership strengthens area small business community

DAYTON – U.S. Small Business Administration Great Lakes Regional Administrator Rob Scott and Better Business Bureau of Dayton/Miami Valley, Inc. President and CEO John North will sign a strategic alliance memorandum on Tuesday.

The mutual agreement will create a framework in which the two organizations will partner on programming and outreach that supports entrepreneurs and small business owners.

“By building relationships with other small business resources at the local level, the SBA hopes to amplify its mission of empowering entrepreneurs with the tools needed to succeed and thrive,” Scott said.

Ohio is home to nearly 950,000 small businesses that employ 2.2 million workers, 46 percent of all Ohio employees.

“Entrepreneurs and small businesses drive the Dayton region’s economy,” North said. “They create jobs, lead innovation, create a competitive environment, and they are where big businesses get their start. Better Business Bureau is always striving to meet the needs of businesses in the Dayton Region. This alliance will enhance the efforts of both the BBB and SBA, to help those businesses build on their success, have greater impact and make our economy even stronger.”