Snow removal service launches in Sidney

SIDNEY – Dozens of Sidney snow removal businesses have partnered with Lawn Love to offer an on-demand snow removal service.

Homeowners now can order snow removal instantly through the Lawn Love platform on their smartphone or computer. Quotes are generated in less than two minutes using satellite imaging technology. Once the customer accepts the price, a local snow removal provider is assigned to the property.

“Customers have been telling us for years about how difficult it can be to find reliable snow removal,” Lawn Love founder and CEO Jeremy Yamaguchi said. “If a service provider doesn’t show up, people are left stranded in their homes with no quick-fix options. We’re thrilled to partner with Sidney businesses to help provide a solution to this problem.”

Lawn Love’s snow removal providers are all local operators with more than one season of experience. The platform offers Sidney providers a steady stream of new customers and business management tools that helps to revolutionize their business operations.

“The tools that we give our contractors allows them to streamline their daily routes, meaning they can clear more snow, from more properties,” Yamaguchi said. “And at the end of the day, that’s better for both the customers and providers.”

In addition to once-off services, users also can schedule snow removal for the entire winter, without needing to sign a contract. And the company’s weather mapping software means that the providers will never miss a snow day.

Lawn Love also offers a wide range of yard services including lawn mowing, aeration, weeding, gutter cleaning, leaf removal and snow removal. For more information, go to