Tivity Health provides fitness program to Walmart associates

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Tivity Health will offer its Prime Fitness program, which helps individuals improve their health through physical fitness, to Walmart’s 1.5 million associates and their dependents across the United States.

The offering for Walmart associates, the Walton Life Fitness Pass, will remove barriers to fitness with access to more than 9,000 fitness locations nationwide starting as low as $9 per paycheck.

Tivity Health’s Prime Fitness network offers a reciprocal membership at its participating facilities, which include national chains, community centers, recreation centers and locally-owned facilities. Program engagement is supported by online tools.

Walmart is promoting the benefit to its associates through direct mail, social media promotion and internal marketing, and thousands of associates already have activated their Walton Life Fitness Pass.

“Companies dedicated to building a strong culture realize the value of opportunities to improve every employees’ health, and we applaud Walmart for their commitment,” Tivity Health CEO Donato Tramuto said. “With our extensive nationwide network of fitness locations and our experience working with clients to get their members engaged in the program, Prime is the perfect solution for Walmart. We are already seeing a great response from Walmart associates, and we look forward to helping these new Prime members experience the health and social benefits of physical fitness and gym membership.”

Physical activity has many proven health benefits, including a significant decrease in the risk of developing chronic diseases such as diabetes or heart disease. Health club membership is associated with significantly increased aerobic and resistance physical activity levels and more favorable cardiovascular health outcomes compared to non-members, Tivity Health officials said.

Staying active also has financial benefits – inactive adults spend $1,437 more per capita (29.9 percent higher costs) in annual health care expenditures compared with active adults, Tivity Health officials said.

“We’re committed to providing Walmart associates and their families access to high quality medical coverage along with tools and resources to manage their health and well-being,” said Adam Stavisky, senior vice president, U.S. benefits, Walmart. “The Walton Life Fitness Pass, starting as low as $9 a paycheck, is just another example of how we’re working to help our associates and their families live better.”

All full-time, part-time and temporary Walmart and Sam’s Club associates working in the U.S. are eligible for the Walton Life Fitness Pass. Associates can add their spouse/partner and dependents age 18-25 at no additional cost.

Associates have access to a lookup tool to see participating fitness centers near them. If their (18-25) dependent lives in a different area, they also can use the lookup tool to find a center near them.

With the addition of Walmart associates, Tivity Health now offers its Prime Fitness network to 43 million people between the ages of 18-64. National fitness partners include Planet Fitness and 24 Hour Fitness.