Healthy Business Council of Ohio honors Grand Lake Health System

COLUMBUS – The Healthy Business Council of Ohio recognized 111 Ohio employers, including Grand Lake Health System, for healthy worksite practices during the 16th annual Healthy Worksite Awards presentation in January.

The Healthy Worksite Award recognizes Ohio employers who demonstrate a commitment to employee wellness through comprehensive worksite health promotion and wellness programs. Applicants are scored on the extent their wellness programs facilitate and encourage employee health, enhance productivity and ensure a healthy work environment.

“This year’s application was more comprehensive than past years as we worked to better align our assessment with the CDC Worksite Health Scorecard so worksites could more effectively become competitive with national trends in workplace wellbeing programming,” Healthy Worksite Award Co-Chair Annie Laurie Cadmus said. “Worksites who are recognized this year should be especially proud of their accomplishments knowing they have provided their employees with nation-ally competitive and well-rounded programming that supports healthy lifestyles.”