Area Energy & Electric achieves key milestone goals



SIDNEY — Area Energy & Electric Inc. and its family of companies, which include Area Energy & Electric Inc., Power Solutions Group, Area Wireless, Regal Plumbing and Heating Co. and Ohio Valley Integration Services, increased sales in fiscal year 2019 by over $20 million over the previous year.

“We are excited,” stated Todd R. Weigandt, CEO and president of the large corporation. “We challenged our managers in each division to grow sales and margins in 2019 and they responded with fantastic results. Our corporation now employs over 550 employees and each of our locations experienced growth in 2019. Our people are our number one asset and we have been fortunate enough to continue to attract excellent employees.”

His report continues:

Area Energy & Electric, Inc. and its family companies continues to grow its footprint with offices in Sidney, Tipp City, Marysville, Columbus, Marion and Cincinnati, Ohio, and Clarksville Tennessee, and Piedmont, South Carolina. Services offered include electrical, heating and A/C, plumbing, process piping, sheet metal, custom fabrication, low voltage systems, cell phone sales, site work utility installation, security and access control, generator sales and service and electrical and mechanical engineering services.

Founded in Sidney, Ohio in 1983 the company has continued to grow and expand. Our goal is to hire, train and retain the best people available in our industry so that we can offer top quality installation and services to our large customer base. With our large resource of people and our fleet of over 275 service trucks ready to service our customer needs, we have nothing but an exciting future to offer to our employees and customers alike. I am excited to come to work every day.

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