Daniel: ‘We are the good ol’ boys’



SIDNEY — Quality Steel Fabrication was born and raised in Sidney, Ohio, in 2002.

“We have been in business for 18 years,” said Ted Daniel, retired owner. “Serving Ohio and the Midwest has been and will remain at the heart of what we do. We chose Sidney and Shelby County because it’s the largest manufacturing intense area in all of Ohio.

”Fast. Flexible. Efficient and Made in America is the recipe for our success. We keep all manufacturing under one roof which keeps lead times to a minimum. Large to small volume, specializing in customization products with flexible operations. Our services are design, laser cutting, forming, punching, painting, welding,” he said

His report continues:

QSF was founded 18 years ago by Bob Brunswick and myself. Our roots are in Ohio, which means we have the hometown traits you look for in business. First of all, we like making things. We like to do it in a way that makes life easier on our customer. Our process provides a path of least resistance and the flexibility to accommodate their challenging demands. We call our customers by name, plus we say what we do and do what we say. You will never have to worry about our honesty and integrity.

Since our inception we have never had to put a outside salesperson on the road, our reputation and quality has provided us with the level of business required and for the last 11 years. Since the recession we have experienced record sales every year. In fact when someone changes employment we usually gain the business of their new employer.

We adopted the slogan “Your Need is Our Priority” because of the pride we have in our customers and our work. We know that the smallest project is important to our customer just as much as the largest project, which means it is important to us. The Metal Fabrication industry has broad applications across a great many industries and consumer products. Standard raw materials used include steel, stainless steel, aluminum and many specialty raw materials. We build custom parts for the RV, hydro-forming, food industry, printing and in reality just about every business in Sidney. We use state of the art equipment with 28 of the most talent and qualified technicians, machinists and welders. We take pride in delivering what you need when you need it.

A look at the future

The fabrication industry is a variability of customer demands that are driven by an ever-changing economy. As machinery becomes more sophisticated, the ability to maintain a constant level of growth requires constantly looking at how we can improve our operations thru technology advances to assist our customers.

Although forecasting can be difficult in a business dependent on the economic fortune of its customers, the general consensus remains: those who can keep up with rapidly changing demands while still maintaining a high output capacity and total flexibility tend to prosper. The metal fabrication industry stands as a solid investment built on highly fluid customer demand. This lucrative moving target can be difficult to pin down, as customers struggle to gear their efforts and capital toward those sectors that yield them higher profits at any given time. The volatility of the market has required the industry to streamline production practices and focus on the ability to reliably produce high-capacity output for a many varied customer requests. The metal fabricating shops who can optimize their manufacturing process and operating machinery, paired with a skilled workforce who can pay close attention to competing costs and the economic trends affecting their customer base, will lead the industry.

So if you are in need of precision fabrication call 937-492-9503, Quality Steel Fabrication would be glad to assist you. Visit QSF at 2500 Fair Road, Sidney, Ohio, or online at QSFAB.com .