DP&L defers disconnection for nonpayment

DAYTON – To help ensure people continue to get the electricity they need, Dayton Power & Light Co. will immediately begin suspending disconnection for nonpayment until further notice or a minimum of 30 days for residential and business customers.

DP&L recommends all customers do their best to maintain utility bill payments as they will be responsible to pay all charges associated with their usage during this period.

DP&L is closely monitoring COVID-19 information shared by federal, state and local officials and will notify the public of other changes to its services.

DP&L customers have a variety of payment options including:

By phone at 800-433-8500, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

By mail at PO Box 740598, Dayton, OH 45274-0598.

• Online by enrolling in MyDP&L and creating an online payment account.

• In person at an authorized pay agent. DP&L encourages customers to use its phone, mail and online options for their safety.

For more information on payment and billing, visit dpandl.com/paymybill.

DP&L customers spending more time at home in the coming weeks can check out our energy efficiency tips. Learn more at dpandl.com/save.