DP&L reminds customers to call 811 before digging

DAYTON – The Dayton Power and Light Co. recognizes April is National Safe Digging Month, and DP&L encourages all customers to understand the importance of digging in a safe, responsible way.

Whether a project involves construction or planting or tree, individuals should put safety first and call 8-1-1 at least two days ahead of a scheduled start, DP&L officials said.

To ensure safety, individuals should be sure to know where electrical, gas and other utility lines are located on a property. Not only will doing so avoid headaches and make the job easier, but it will help people steer clear of potential utility outages, repair costs and serious injuries.

OHIO811 pledged continued support as it works to maintain the vast network of utility infrastructure during this extraordinary time. DP&L reminded customers to exercise social distancing and the utmost caution, cooperation and patience as they plan and perform work.

By calling 8-1-1, individuals can notify Ohio’s one-call notification systems. The Ohio Utilities Protection Service coordinates with local utilities to have underground lines marked so people know ahead of time where it is safe to dig. Now, customers also can enter dig requests online with the OHIO811 e-dig ticket system.

OUPS will mark the location of underground utility lines. If digging or construction projects aren’t completed within 10 business days after the initial marking, individuals will need to call back to have the utility lines remarked for verification.

Additionally, visit dpandl.com download the Right Tree Right Place brochure and for tips to plant smart with the utilities in mind.