AES announces Smart Operations Center in Ohio

DAYTON – Dayton Power & Light Co., a subsidiary of The AES Corp., announced its Smart Operations Center in Ohio, the first of its kind in the United States, opening a new era of innovative energy solutions.

The facility represents AES’ longstanding commitment to the digital transformation of the energy industry, accelerating a safer and cleaner energy future in the United States and globally, the company said. The center also demonstrates AES’ investment in the state of Ohio and its people, the company said.

Using leading-edge technology, the AES Smart Center will employ data to increase the efficiency of its electric operations across the U.S. This digital hub also represents the integration of AES’ new Global Performance Monitoring and Analytics Center and AES’ Remote Operations and Control Center for U.S.-based generation assets. This consolidation is critical as the company – and the energy industry as a whole – intensifies its reliance on data and smart grid technologies, the company said.

“The transition to a cleaner, more efficient energy future depends in large part on the adoption of digital technology,” said Bernerd Da Santos, AES executive vice president and chief operating officer. “The new AES Smart Center will tap into the power of data and digital platforms, allowing us to monitor, remotely operate and improve the management of our power generation operations, including solar, wind, hydro, thermal and energy storage facilities across the United States and globally from one central location. This digital approach will lead the way to a greener, more sustainable future for the businesses and communities we serve.”

“We believe that the electric grid can become clean and unbreakable and are excited to continue accelerating the future of energy together with an inventive city like Dayton through our first U.S.-based smart operations center,” said Lisa Krueger, AES U.S. strategic business unit president. “Our selection of Dayton as the location of our first U.S.-based smart operations center demonstrates our commitment to the region today and our belief in a strong pool of local innovators who will help us shape tomorrow while contributing to the state’s economic growth.”

The announcement solidifies AES’ renewed investment in Ohio and its commitment to supporting job creation within the state, the company said. The Smart Operations Center will foster Ohio’s workforce development, as the state works to meet increasing digital technology demands, the company said.

“AES’ decision to stand up their Smart Operations Center in Dayton is a testament to the region’s skilled workforce and Ohio’s robust innovation ecosystem,” said J.P. Nauseef, JobsOhio president and CEO. “The Dayton Development Coalition, JobsOhio and the Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce look forward to partnering with AES as it invests in Ohio’s people and infrastructure, which is critical to growing Ohio’s economy.”

The AES Smart Operations Center is located at the AES/DP&L MacGregor Park site. It will attract and employ advanced technology engineers and data scientists from the city of Dayton and the wider Montgomery County and Ohio regions.