State-assisted training available at Rhodes State College

LIMA – Ohio Lt. Gov. Jon Husted announced a sixth round of TechCred applications would be accepted by the Governor’s Office of Workforce Transformation.

Rhodes State College announced the college is strategically equipped and situated to meet the upskill training and credentialing needs of employers applying for the TechCred funding across the region.

Employers no longer need to identify specific individuals in an application. Instead, employers can list the number of current or future employees who will earn each credential. Employees also can earn multiple credentials each application period.

Employer officials will need to submit the number of needed, credentialed employees to the state by Oct. 31 and have these current and incoming employees trained at Rhodes State College.

Employers can train an employee during a layoff period and be reimbursed, as long as the employee is on the payroll at the point when the employer requests reimbursement. The reimbursement of up to $2,000 per employee or $30,000 per funding period is available to employers once training and payment is completed.

Rhodes State offers certificates that qualify for the TechCred program in the following areas: manufacturing technology, internet of things and cybersecurity, information technology, robotics/automation, business technology, and construction technology. New and incoming employees also may identify multiple credentials for which to be trained during the application period.

Rhodes State can help employers navigate the TechCred application process. To learn more about the TechCred program at Rhodes State, visit or contact Tammy Eilerman at