LaRose spotlights African-American owned businesses

COLUMBUS – Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose announced the Ohio businesses that are a part of his February Ohio Business Spotlight.

In honor of Black History Month, February’s theme is African-American owned businesses. Black History Month is a time to not only learn about our shared history but to also highlight those who have overcome obstacles that can serve to inspire others in pursuing the American dream, LaRose said.

“Ohio’s diversity is among our great strengths. Not only does it make our state an interesting and vibrant place to live, it also creates prosperity and drives Ohio’s economy forward,” LaRose said. “With every job created at an African-American owned business, that’s a livelihood for a family working to build a brighter future. We need to keep working to embrace these entrepreneurs and reduce government burdens standing in their way so they can be even more successful.”

LaRose has made streamlining how minority business enterprises are licensed a legislative priority this year. Currently, minority business enterprises require a license in every locality they operate and at the state level if they are choosing to do business with the state. By allowing for reciprocity, minority business owners will only need to get certified by the state or local government once, as long as that local government adopts the state standard.

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