ARCH Cutting Tools – Dayton: Faced pandemic challenges, built for a successful 2021

RUSSIA — For many organizations in the community, simple survival equaled success in 2020. However, as the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted society and challenged businesses of every size, ARCH Cutting Tools – Dayton focused on ways to improve its operations and processes, to come through the crisis stronger and better positioned in the market.

“During the pandemic related slowdown, we engaged in cross-training our employees and in implementing internal process improvements to keep our team productive and better positioned to serve our customers, who were facing the same challenges we were,” said John Inskeep, plant manager – ARCH Cutting Tools – Dayton.

Inskeep noted while business hasn’t grown significantly during the pandemic, the company has seen many opportunities arise with demand for new products and even entering new markets.

“We believe that the combination of new opportunities and legacy customers returning to more regular business levels will lead to substantial growth as we recover from the pandemic,” he said.

ARCH Cutting Tools – Dayton is part of ARCH Cutting Tools, a leading American manufacturer of standard and special cutting tools and a provider of cutting tool solutions to companies worldwide. The 25,000-square foot facility, located at 2700 Russia-Versailles Road, in Russia, employs nearly 30 people and has been a part of the community since 1966.

“Russia is very small community, and we all treat each other like family,” said Nicki Garke,office manager – ARCH Cutting Tools – Dayton. “We work together, as a community, to recruit and develop local talent for our businesses.”

ARCH Cutting Tools – Dayton is also involved in growing and supporting the community, Garke added. “We are a member of the Sidney County Area Chamber of Commerce and one of the founding members of the West Central Ohio Manufacturing Partnership (WCOMP),” she said. “We regularly work with our local schools, and area trade schools and colleges, to make young people aware of the dynamic career opportunities available to them in manufacturing.” The company is a regular participant in the area’s annual Manufacturing Day event, welcoming students into the plant for a hands-on experience and to get information directly from manufacturing professionals.

Serving the automotive, aerospace, housing/construction, medical, and oil and gas industries, ARCH Cutting Tools – Dayton manufactures solid carbide drills, step drills, reamers and endmills. The company also offers regrinding services and adds further value to its customers by offer honing, 100% inspection on tools, and laser etching.

While many of the challenges that are resulting from the pandemic remain as we enter 2021, the ARCH Cutting Tools – Dayton team is confident that the progress made in 2020 has positioned them for a successful year ahead that will make both the company and the community stronger.