Lochard successfully navigates a year of change, challenge

SIDNEY — Lochard Inc. was founded in 1945 by Wilson Lochard. A three-generation family owned and operated company, Lochard Inc. has now been serving Shelby County for over 75 years. 2020 marked the first year that all three members of the fourth generation Lochard family are working at Lochard Inc. The company is expecting great things from them in the years to come.

Lochard Inc. proudly marched into 2020 celebrating our 75th year anniversary in January. By the end of quarter one, we, along with everyone else were feeling the full force of the global Covid-19 pandemic. Lochard Inc. was able to stay operational in all divisions throughout the entire year of 2020 having determined that the services we provide were essential to our customers and our community. Even with the uncertainty of 2020, Lochard Inc. was able to end the year with higher staffing levels than we began the year with.

Lochard Inc. is a full service metal fabricator with manufacturing processes directed toward precision steel, stainless steel and aluminum contract manufacturing. Although navigating 2020 had its challenges, we were able to continue reinvesting in the company through the upgrade of technology and machinery.

“We are making strides to secure the company’s future by investing in the tools that will continue to propel us towards continued years of success,” said Doug Grewe, shop superintendent.

Lochard Inc. also owns the Do it Best Hardware store.

“We had planned to hold multiple events in 2020 to commemorate our 75th anniversary, but unfortunately due to Covid-19 restrictions, some of those things were not possible. We still had a lot of fun with various sales and giveaways and are grateful for our customers continued support during these difficult times,” said Deb Peters, hardware manager.

Lochard Inc.’s heating and cooling service and install departments continued to see many customers installing more efficient equipment to take advantage of the rebates and incentives. Most noteworthy was the large increase in indoor air quality education and products that Lochard Inc. was able to provide our customers.

“We invested in the tools needed to educate our customers on indoor air quality and were able to provide peace of mind in a whole new way. We believe indoor air quality is going to be at the forefront of everyone’s mind for a long time to come and we will continue to be at the forefront of any developments in that area,” said Nathan Pence, general manager.

Lochard Inc. saw a surge in new construction projects for both heating and cooling as well as plumbing in 2020 which has allowed us to hire additional personnel going into the New Year.

As we enter 2021, we have great optimism that Lochard Inc. will successfully continue to navigate the ever present changes; which will allow us to provide the best products and services to meet and exceed our customer’s needs.