Superior Aluminum takes challenges head on



SIDNEY — 2020 was a year full of challenges, and this was true at Superior Aluminum also. In addition to the most important task of navigating COVID-19 issues and ensuring a safe work environment, Superior Aluminum also faced multiple other trials like disrupted supply chains, constantly changing customer delivery requirements, and an uncertain construction market. Yet through it all, Superior Aluminum took on the challenges and not only survived 2020, but thrived with its highest growth year ever.

When recapping 2020, Superior Aluminum’s president Doug Borchers stated, “Every single one of our associates understood what we faced, and took the tasks head on. We pictured each challenge as an opportunity, and in the end capitalized on them, earning the reputation in our industry as the company that consistently delivered on its promises.”

Borchers’ report continues:

Superior service was the theme for Superior Aluminum in 2020, as we made strides in extending our preferred installer partner network geographically. With preferred installation partners in place, Superior Aluminum was able to offer turnkey solutions to General Contractors, saving them time while providing expert factory-trained personnel on jobsites where labor resources were oftentimes scarce. On the importance of preferred installation partners for Superior Aluminum, Borchers had to say, “It just makes the entire process easier for all involved. Our products are some of the last items installed on large construction projects, and having a reliable installation partner available means one less thing that the General Contractor has to worry about that final hectic month on the jobsite. For Superior Aluminum, it allows us showcase the type of service we provide to our customers from start to finish.”

An implementation of the preferred installation partner network was not the only area of growth at Superior Aluminum in 2020. Internally, Superior Aluminum operations installed a new state of the art CNC machine, allowing for a more accurate approach for cutting and drilling our sub-assemblies. Furthermore, the implementation of new engineering software has allowed Superior Aluminum to provide quick and accurate turnaround times for quotes and drawings.

2020 also saw the creation of new Superior Aluminum product offerings. One such product, Ready Railing, was a twist on a traditional Superior railing. With indoor dinning being diminished due to Covid-19, many local municipalities allowed extended outdoor dining areas, with stipulations of having clear barriers present. Many customers desired these to be temporary for easy removal for cleaning or for storing away over the winter season. Because of this, Superior Aluminum designed Ready Railing specifically to assist restaurants, breweries, and other outdoor recreational areas, allowing them to extend their serving areas while still providing aesthetic appeal for customers.

Heading into 2021, Superior Aluminum is focused on growing its existing product lines by making them more accessible to additional markets. Additionally, some existing product lines will be re-engineered in 2021 for ease of assembly and customer-friendly designs. While growth of existing product lines will continue be a focus in 2021, Superior Aluminum is also excited for our new patent-pending easy installation porch column for the home builder market, to be released mid-year. When asked about this new product, It’s something builders have not seen before, and we believe it will revolutionize the market.

Superior Aluminum was proud to have grown their United Way contributions by another 20% in 2020 to an all-time high, demonstrating a workforce that truly cares about others. This is the fifth consecutive year that Superior employees have increased their contributions.

We ended 2020 with huge momentum. Our January backlog is at an all-time high, and we are very excited for 2021!