LaRose spotlights lawn and garden businesses in April

COLUMBUS – As we welcome in the warm weather this spring, we renew our hope that life will begin to return to normal.

While many Ohioans begin beautifying their homes and gardens this month, Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose announced the Ohio lawn and garden businesses that are a part of his Ohio Business Spotlight for the month of April. This month’s business spotlight recognizes the many family-owned businesses that started with an idea, took root with countless hours of hard work and have now grown to serve thousands of Ohioans across the state.

“Some entrepreneurs see a need and work to make a living while others combine their love of being outside with supporting their families,” LaRose said. “I grew up working on a farm and can appreciate the desire to work with your hands, to create and to build something you can pass along to your children and grandchildren like some of these businesses have done.”

Across Ohio, young men and women are becoming the next generation of entrepreneurs by mowing and caring for their neighbors’ lawns, and some will turn this into a thriving business. Many Ohio businesses were started by a teenager with a dream who made it official by registering their business on the Secretary of State’s website.

For those who need help starting or growing a own business, Ohio is teeming with resources for new business ideas. Begin the journey down the road to success at the Secretary of State’s Ohio Business Gateway at