Osgood Bank increases giving to non-profits

OSGOOD – Osgood Bank continues to develop channels that give back to the communities it serves. To further support this mission, Osgood Bank recently established the Osgood Foundation to increase giving to non-profits located in its communities.

“People are more successful when they have communities that shape them and support their development,” said Trena Hershberger, chief people and culture officer at Osgood Bank. “As a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, the Osgood Foundation will provide financial and educational support to other non-profit organizations that are working to make tomorrow better than today.”

Founded in November 2020, the Osgood Foundation has provided scholarships for high school seniors, funding for a reading program, support for local schools and contributions to a community outreach center. On the horizon will be aid to food pantries, hospice agencies, at-risk pregnancy and infant centers along with domestic violence shelters.

To learn more about The Osgood Foundation or to request a donation or a grant, visit www.osgoodbank.com/give-back.