The Ohio Society of Association Executives announces rebranding

COLUMBUS – The Ohio Society of Association Executives is undergoing a major rebrand to help engage and involve more peers in the organization.

While this is not the first time the organization has rebranded, this change resulted from intense discussion and commitment of the volunteer leadership and staff to ensure that the association is more inclusive of professionals working within the association community throughout Ohio. The organization will now be known as the Ohio Society of Association Professionals.

In addition to the retooled name, the organization also has updated its mission to be more well-rounded and reflect its commitment to those working within the nonprofit sector and those industries that fuel its growth, development and success. The new mission is: “The Ohio Society of Association Professionals fosters an environment of collaboration and professionalism that strengthens and enriches association professionals’ development.”

“The volunteer leadership remains focused on the need for all levels of association professionals to seek out and become engaged with their peers in the industry,” said Chris Henney, 2021 chair of the organization, and president and CEO of the Ohio AgriBusiness Association. “We recognized that some may not join or engage because they haven’t reached the ‘C-suite’ or ‘executive’ level yet. But that isn’t the only segment the organization serves. All levels and all industries that touch the association segment are not only welcome; they are educated and strengthened through the services and products that OSAE now OSAP provides.”

The organization has an 83-year history of catering to those employed in the association industry and the businesses and organizations that support it. This rebranding captures the fact that all segments and levels of employment are vital to the success of Ohio’s association community.

“I remember when I first started working in the association industry, and I wasn’t sure I was the right ‘fit’ for OSAE,” said OSAE President and CEO Jarrod A. Clabaugh. “But I quickly discovered that the organization offered education and growth opportunities to every association professional no matter their title or leadership experience. Our new name reflects that we exist to move all association professionals forward in their careers and provide networking and engagement opportunities to anyone who works to advance the association profession.”

The organization will finalize all details of the brand roll-out over the coming weeks. The affiliated organization, the Ohio Society of Association Executives Foundation, also will rebrand. It soon will be known as the Ohio Society of Association Professionals Foundation.