Sidney Chiropractic offering ozone treatment

SIDNEY — While surgeries and medications are go-to healing solutions recommended by doctors, a local chiropractor begs to differ.

Sidney Chiropractic – home to a full selection of chiropractic services and regenerative rehabilitations in Sidney – is now adding ozone therapy to its list of offerings.

Ozone therapy is an alternative medical treatment that exposes the human body to supercharged levels of oxygen to combat chronic pain, progressive illnesses and premature aging.

Dr. Harold Schubert has spent four decades as a practicing chiropractor, exploring different avenues to keep his patients away from the operating table or pharmacy.

“We have always been strictly a chiropractic practice with rehab therapy and have always strived to find newer and improved types of treatments for our patients to promote healing with the use of drugs or surgery,” Schubert said.

When Dr. Schubert’s wife hurt her knee and was told that surgery was the only answer, the pair started looking for regenerative therapies and medicine that would reward them with remedy for her injury. This journey included regenerative medicine and platelet-rich plasma.

“We have had great results utilizing these types of treatments; but in talking to other practitioners, we found out that adding ozone to the regenerative therapies enhanced the healing process greatly,” Schubert said.

While its name is associated with hydocarbons in smog, ozone, (O3) is not a pollutant. The molecule combines three oxygen atoms to equip the human body to use oxygen more efficiently and enable it to function at a higher performance.

As a disinfectant and purifying agent, ozone operates with a license to kill many of the viruses, fungi and bacteria menacing the systems inside the body. It decreases inflammation, increases antioxidant enzymes, and optimizes the immune system with cytokine stimulation. Its application also improves blood pressure, detoxifies waste in cells, and boosts defense against humanity’s greatest kryptonite – heart attacks and strokes.

Ozone therapy is no stranger to the medical industry, as its research and use has expanded in its 150 year history around the world. Doctors used it on asthma, pneumonia, insomnia, and diabetes. Surgeons utilized it for infected wounds, and dentists treated cavities with it.

Inhaling ozone irritates the lungs. This is why Sidney Chiropractic administers ozone treatments directly on the skin, within the vein, or through a muscle via a certified medical ozone generator machine from Longevity Resources.

“We are really excited to add ozone to our practice,” Schubert said. “It is another tool in our belt to help improve the health of our patients and the people of our local area.”

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