Victress Health and Wellness addresses patient, employer healthcare frustrations

Direct primary care model offered as a solution

ANNA — Victress Health and Wellness, located at 307B East Main Street in Anna, has expanded their family practice by launching a direct primary care (DPC) model to address patient and employer frustrations with healthcare.

Victress DPC serves patients from birth to end of life with an emphasis on preventative and functional medicine. The new DPC practice includes unlimited access to Victress medical providers and services in exchange for a small, monthly membership. There are no hidden costs and no third party billing. Fees are based on age, starting at $25/month. The defining element of Victress DPC is a trusting relationship to uphold the patient’s values and goals.

The DPC model was introduced in America nearly 20 years ago and has proven to be a simple solution with tremendous health savings and benefits for patients, providers, and employers. The goal of Victress DPC is to make healthcare transparent, affordable, and focused on wellness.

The DPC model holds appeal to physicians for several reasons, according to the article Direct primary care: An innovative alternative to conventional health insurance published by The Heritage Foundation. According to it, “for many physicians, the traditional third-party payer model is becoming increasingly unattractive. A survey by the Physicians Foundation found that most doctors are profoundly dissatisfied and believe that their profession is in decline. Among the “very important” reasons that they give for the decline are too much regulation and paperwork (79.2 percent of physicians); loss of clinical autonomy (64.5 percent); lack of compensation for quality (58.6 percent); and erosion of physician–patient relationship (54.4 percent).” Additionally, “the lack of meaningful interaction and sufficient time for primary care is eroding the doctor–patient relationship. Patients suffer when doctors must see so many of them. Office schedules are almost always full, and doctors are frequently running behind schedule.” By contrast, “direct primary care can avoid many of these problems for doctors and patients.”

Victress Health and Wellness was founded in 2017 by Lisa Marino, doctor of physical therapy, and also provides physical therapy, dry needling, and functional medicine services.

“We are really excited to make the best of healthcare affordable and accessible to the Shelby County area,” said Marino.“We are very passionate about addressing the source of chronic disease and improving how healthcare is delivered for our families and local businesses.”

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Direct primary care model offered as a solution