LaRose spotlights women-owned businesses

COLUMBUS — Female entrepreneurs in Franklin, Shelby, Ross, Hamilton, Carroll, Cuyahoga, Morgan, and Lucas Counties are making their mark on Ohio’s economy.

March is Women’s History Month, and, accordingly, it is the perfect time to celebrate women-owned businesses home-grown in Ohio.

The selected women entrepreneurs set goals and embraced challenges, all while being mothers, sisters, daughters, and business owners. From nail salons to accounting firms, these talented women do it all and work tirelessly to keep Ohio’s economy moving.

“These women inspire entrepreneurs across the state every day with their ingenuity, determination, and perseverance,” said LaRose. “I applaud them, as I do every other business owner in Ohio for pursuing their dreams, taking risks, and starting businesses.”

Seven businesses from Franklin, Shelby, Ross, Carroll, Morgan, Lucas, and Cuyahoga, are represented in this month’s business spotlight.

1. The W Nail Bar (Franklin County)

2. Panel Control (Shelby County)

3. Olive Blossom Soaps (Ross County)

4. The Van Horne Grand Tea Room (Carroll County)

5. Meyers Specialty Market (Morgan County)

6. Darlene Knapp and Associates (Lucas County)

7. Jennasis and Associates (Cuyahoga County)

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