Spherion awards prizes to workers

Grand prize is 2022 Ford Maverick Truck

By Melanie Speicher - [email protected]

SIDNEY — Spherion Staffing & Recruiting is thanking the employees they have hired with weekly prizes for working.

“This was a Spherion corporate idea,” said Karen Grothause, co-owner of the local Spherion franchise. “They came up with the idea last year.

“At this time in the workforce, it’s difficult to get employees and to retain employees,” said Grothause. “Last year we had lots of new employees. Last year, the orange Mustang (top prize in the contest) was won by a Dayton Spherion employee.”

The six week contest has a weekly prize of $500 which is awarded to 36 weekly recipients. Each week, a grand prize between $1,000-$6,000 is also awarded.

“This year, the grand prize will be a 2022 Ford Maverick Truck. The winner will be announced on Oct. 31,” said Grothause.

She said the weekly cash winners have no idea they have won when they receive a phone call from Spherion.

“We’ll ask them to come in for an interview and then we’ll say ‘Guess what? You’ve won $500,’” said Grothause.

The guidelines for the weekly and grand prizes are simple, said Grothause.

“You have to be working for us during the week,” she said. “If you work this week, then your name goes into the drawing for next week and the grand prize.

“The thing to remember is you have to be working for Spherion if your name is drawn,” she said.

Grothause said they are always recruiting new employees to work for them. They recruit through Indeed, Facebook and social media. They do in-person recruiting at job fairs and by visiting high schools.

“It’s a difficult job today to find people to work for you,” said Grothause. “Social media is a good tool. This campaign is also a great tool for us.”

Grothause said there are many types of jobs available through Spherion. Some of the employees do end up with a full time job with the company they are working for and leave the Spherion umbrella. She said there are manufacturing jobs along with logistics, warehouse and clerical positions available.

They are currently working with approximately 1,000 employees, she said.

“Companies realize the value of a good employee,” said Grothause. “The pay is usually $15-16 or higher. They want employees who will show up, have a good attitude and are a good fit for their employment needs.”

She said a person fresh out of high school, gets to work on time, follows the rules and works hard won’t have any trouble finding and keeping a job.

“When you go through a staffing company, we provide great opportunities for a person wanting a job. If the first job isn’t a good fit, we’ll come back and put them at a different company.”

Spherion has been in business for 75 years and has offices in Sidney for 40 years. Grothause said her franchise has 30 offices in different counties in northwest Ohio.

The Sidney Spherion office is located at 213 N. Ohio Ave. The phone number is 937-419-4200.

To apply for a job with Spherion, visit applyOhio.com.

Grand prize is 2022 Ford Maverick Truck

By Melanie Speicher

[email protected]

Reach the writer at 937-538-4822.

Reach the writer at 937-538-4822.