Sielschott honored

Sielschott, DanielleѰ5/10/13ѳ03434

Sielschott, DanielleѰ5/10/13ѳ03434

SIDNEY — Danielle Sielschott, of the financial services firm Edward Jones in Sidney, recently won the firm’s Jim Harrod Award for her exceptional achievement in building client relationships.

Sielschott was one of 613 of the firm’s 14,000 financial advisers to receive the Jim Harrod award.

The award is named after Jim Harrod, whose many contributions during his 28-year career earned him induction into the firm’s Hall of Fame in 2011.

Sielschott, DanielleѰ5/10/13ѳ03434, DanielleѰ5/10/13ѳ03434