UVMC sets open house to mark ED expansion

Staff report

TROY — Upper Valley Medical Center (UVMC) will unveil its expansion to the hospital emergency department (ED) at a community open house, Dec. 14.

The emergency department expansion under construction for the past year is the first of a two-phase project. The second phase will be renovation of the existing 16,800-square-foot emergency department, targeted for completion in the first quarter of 2017.

“We’re extremely excited about all that this expansion and renovation will provide for our community,” said Becky Rice, UVMC president. “In addition to increasing the overall ED space and treatment room size to accommodate today’s patients and caregiver needs, the project is designed with the goal of enhancing efficient flow and delivery of care for our patients and their loved ones.”

“This project speaks a lot about our commitment to Miami County, and Miami County’s commitment to us,” said Mary Boosalis, Premier Health president.

The 26,300 square foot ED addition features larger treatment rooms to better accommodate patients, their families, and caregivers. The new rooms are 160 to 180 square feet each, an increase from today’s rooms of 120 square feet.

“The addition is all new patient care space: treatment rooms, trauma rooms and support space for physicians and nursing staff,” said Diane Pleiman, UVMC vice president of operations.

“The rooms have designated patient areas, caregiver areas, and family areas,” Pleiman said. “You will have space for the patient as well as their loved ones to stay with them.”

The room layouts are single sided, meaning every room has exactly the same set up.

“This is extremely important for patient safety. As a caregiver, when I walk in a room, I don’t have to look for equipment because it is in the same location in every room. That is a huge benefit for us to be able to offer our community,” Pleiman said.

The project also includes addition of a public corridor that will allow people to access the rest of the hospital from the ED area. The new vestibule will allow those who enter to choose heading either to the ED or into the rest of the hospital.

The expanded ED will include medical imaging services encompassing a CT unit and X-ray unit to provide faster turnaround. Also, renovation of medical imaging space adjacent to the ED will include the addition of a second MRI unit.

“The new emergency department will include a modern appeal expected in today’s hospitals and features improved design and functionality. These designs will lead to improved patient experience, privacy, efficiency and overall quality of care,” said Dr. David Cohen, medical director of emergency services at UVMC.

“The new emergency department will also benefit its health professionals by providing larger rooms, centralized nursing stations, increased work stations and efficiency of patient flow,” Dr. Cohen said.

The community is invited to tour the ED expansion at the open house on Dec. 14 from 3:30 to 7 p.m.

Staff report