Winner’s honored by journal

Staff report

BATAVIA — A top business journal has recognized an area business in its annual Best in the United States list for 2016.

US Business Executive, a TrueLine Publishing-owned business-to-business trade journal striving to build strong connections within the many sectors of the U.S. agricultural industry, has included Robert Winner Sons Inc., of Osgood, in this year’s honorees. The list recognizes companies across the country. These companies commit their enterprises to success, satisfied employees and superior products.

Robert Winner Sons Inc. was named due in large part to its industry contributions and the forward-thinking nature of the company, according to a release from the firm.

The honor came with a profile of the company in the latest issue of the journal, released nationwide last week.

Robert Winner Sons Inc. operates several farms, two processing plants, a trucking division and a retail store. Area residents are quite familiar with Winners Meats.

“Our niche is in catering to farmers with homemade products, meat processing and packaging. We harvest live animals and then process and package them according to the farmer’s specifications,” Brian Winner, third-generation president of Winner’s is quoted in the journal artile. “We also have homemade products that we make and sell to local restaurants and businesses.”

The article goes on: “In Winner’s eyes, the formula for success is as simple and timeless as Winner’s approach to producing fresh, quality meat. ‘You have to work long, hard and have dedication to the family business; that’s what it takes to succeed,’ he says. This philosophy extends from the slaughterhouse floor to the corner office, with all employees expected to do their part regardless of their last name. ‘That’s one thing that is different with us; we work right beside our employees whether it be cutting meat or scraping the floor if that’s what needs to be done,’ he says.”

Staff report