Moyar certified in neuro treatment

Staff report

VERSAILLES — Tammy Moyar, certified occupational therapy assistant at Versailles Health Care Center, recently earned her certification in recovering function for adults with hemiplegia using the principles of neuro-developmental treatment.

For the certification, Moyar completed training over the last three years and passed the recovering function’s examination.

Moyar, who is now certified in providing specialized stroke therapy, commented, “I’m excited to play an important role in providing optimum patient outcomes in neuro-developmental treatment at Versailles Health Care Center. We now offer a greater foundation for the treatment of stroke with more effective strategies and outcomes.”

Moyar is also the facilitator of VHCC’s quarterly NeuroConnect meeting. NeuroConnect meets to connect survivors of stroke and brain injury, including neurological conditions, and their families with positive support and beneficial resources. The next NeuroConnect meeting is Feb. 28 at 4 p.m. in the Versailles Health Care Center.

Staff report