Real estate transfers

SIDNEY – The following are real estate transfers that recently took place in Shelby County. Listed is who sold the property to whom, the street the property where the property is located and the price it was sold for. Additional information can be found on the Shelby County Auditors Office website


Kenneth Barnes to Bradley Boyd, Main Street, $71,500.

Kurt and Julie Ehemann to Robert and Barbara Stanley, Pike Street, $150,000.

Kurt and Julie Ehemann to Robert and Barbara Stanley, Main Street, $55,000.

Casey Lay Hall to Shaun and Leanne Meyer, Hickory Road, $45,000.

Jackson Center

James Cain to Christopher Brideweser, W. Pike Street, $78,500.

Matthew Holthaus to Craig Stelzner, Leo Street, $86,500.

Gary Hereld to Matthew and Kelly York, West Street, $17,000.


David Finchum to Bart and Lindsey Spangler, McCartyville Road, $295,500.


Gerald Borchers to Craig and Michelle Muhlenkamp, Liberty and Oakwood Street, $33,000.

Michelle Baker to Russia Community Fire Co., North Street, $105,000.

Idamae Spaeth to Pauline Zunk, Elizabeth Street, $157,000.


Sylvia Dorsey to Breanna Baldwin, Taft Street, $80,000.

Catherine Holthaus to James Baugh, Crescent Drive, $55,000

BEF Reit Inc. to Ber Real Estate Investments LLC., Michigan Street, $1,632,889.

William Olding to Jeremy and Sarah Burmeister, Forest Street, $50,000.

James Johnson to Carmen Curtner, Lyndhurst Street, $167,000.

Paul Zimmerman to Danny and Joyce Dingman, Freedom Court, $105,000.

Ernest Hageman to Anthony Douglas, South Ohio Avenue, $30,000.

Ohio Living Co. to Patricia and Joseph Dunn, Chestnut Avenue, $177,000.

Dixi Beasecker to Holly Eshelman, Stewart Drive, $50,000.

Barbara McDermit to Deborah Grogean, Cumberland Avenue, $124,000.

Darrel Hensley to Anthony and Krista Hensley, Westlake Drive, $310,000.

Barbara Stang to Billy and Christine Hepfer, Virginia Avenue, $65,000.

Jason Breland to Nathan Kelly, Court Street, $120,000.

Harley Holding to Pauline Argall Massengill, Riverbend Boulevard, $87,500.

Timothy Echemann to Dennis and Sabrina McMahon, Bon Air Circle, $248,000.

Patrick Soder to Amy and Andrew Murray, Kossuth Street, $148,900.

Bell Piper Vera to Ohio Living Communities, Cumberland Avenue, $108,800.

David Mihalick to Jayeshkumar Patel, St. Clair Drive, $400,000.

David Brisker to Brandon Peak, Piper Street, $77,500.

Christopher Macke to Derek Richards, Ruth Street, $130,000.

Dennis Moeller to Rocky Creek Farm LLC, Evergreen Drive, $127,000.

CJ Fogt Reality to Rocky Creek Farm LLC, Evergreen Drive, $126,500.

Elizabeth Scott to Patricia Rosengarten, Hancock Street, $77,900.

Cody Adkins to Kristopher Smartt, Ironwood Drive, $153,500.

Joseph Dunn to Patrick and Linda Soder, Wells Drive, $246,900.

Mae Lou Thumel to Steenrod Mary Lane Trustee, Freedom Court, $119,000.

James Schwepe to Eric Stephenson, Ohio Avenue, $127,000.

Thomas Frantz to Wannemacher Construction Company Inc., Tully Drive, $10,000.

Douglas Towsend to Wilcox Investments LLC, Vandemark Road, $999,000.

Brenda Sprague to Chelsae Wise, Franklin Avenue, $110,000.

Clinton Township

Rocky Creek Farm LLC. to Kuther Corners LLC., Russell Road, $360,000.

Cynthian Township

Mary Mertz to Gottemoeller Real Estate Ltd., state Route 47, $200,000.

Mark Pellman to Tyler Sargent, Wright Puthoff Road, $157,000.

Dinsmore Township

Nicholas Howell to Justin Chiles, County Road 25A, $105,000.

Matthew Reichert to Cory Mescher, Sidney Freyburg Road, $255,000.

Franklin Township

Charles Rhyan to Christopher and Sarah Macke, Sharp Road, $269,900.

Ronald Wolfe to Cindy Pogue, Sharp Road, $235,000.

Mark Comer to Kale and Amber Wierwille, Meranda Road, $245,000.

Franklin Township

Garry Cromes to Jessie Hughes, Tawawa Maplewood Road, $55,000.

Loramie Township

Marilyn Young to Tonya and Kyle Heckman, state Route 66, $54,000.

Dia Mendenhall to Raymond and Kelly Monnin, state Route 66, $15,000.

Pence Forest Bulldozing to Jennifer and Lucas Snider, Smith Road, $256,709.

McLean Township

Larry Poppe to John and Linda Campbell, Shelby Road, $81,000.

Daniel Lawrence to Mark and Linda Gusching, Lee Drive, $67,000.

Elaine Hausfeld to James Prenger, Shelby Road, $77,250.

Orange Township

Robert Greve to Shaun Meiring, Runor Drive, $133,000.

Perry Township

Mitchel Henman to Michael Henman, Tawawa Maplewood Road, $230,000.

Salem Township

Brad Cotterman to Gregory Ethan Roeth and Margaret Elizabeth Roeth, Pasco Montra Road, $170,000.

Philip Puckett to Sarah Sebring, Lochard Road, $179,900.

Turtle Creek Township

Kenneth Castor to Diane Drees, Kuther Road, $200,000.

Washington Township

Lorain Elliott to Sandra Simmons, Little Turtle Way, $73,000.

Donald Newman to Gregory Burnette, Deer Path Way, $350,000.

Compiled by Heather Willard.

Compiled by Heather Willard.