Walmart offers express money transfers

BENTONVILLE, Ark. — Walmart has announced that Ohio customers can now use Express Money Services, the first of two xxpress services rolling out this year to help busy customers save time in-store.

A similar express experience for pharmacy customers is expected to launch later this year.

Express Money Services is a new feature in the Walmart app that is combined with in-store express lanes to help expedite customers’ money services transactions. To celebrate its launch, Walmart is waiving fees on Walmart2Walmart domestic money transfers initiated using the Walmart app in all stores through Sept. 30.

“We want to make every day easier for busy Ohio families, and offering a seamless shopping experience for money transfers makes this a reality,” said Kirsty Ward, vice president of Walmart services. “The new experience is faster for both associates and customers, and with our offer to send funds fee-free via Walmart2Walmart using Express Money Services, there’s no better time to try our unique service.”

Customers using Express Money Services will enjoy a faster, easier and more convenient experience using the Walmart app. Previously, customers needed to fill out lengthy money transfer paperwork in stores; now, this work can be done while at home or on-the-go using the Walmart app.

Once at the store, customers can now fast-track through a dedicated express lane to quickly complete their transactions. With the help of the app, they scan a QR code at the debit reader with their smart phones and pay the cashiers; receipts and transaction details are saved electronically. The app upgrade also allows customers to easily send pickup information to receivers through email or text messages.

Express Money Services is initially available for domestic and international money transfers and will expand to include bill payments and check cashing.

Staff report