Fortune honors U.S. Bank

Staff report

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. — Fortune magazine today named U.S. Bank a World’s Most Admired Company, recognizing several of U.S. Bank’s attributes as most admired among all companies and naming it the world’s most admired superregional bank for the eighth consecutive year.

Across the 680 companies across all industries, Fortune ranked U.S. Bank as No. 1 in both management quality and use of corporate assets, as well as No. 2 in value as a long-term investment, No. 5 in people management and No. 6 in both financial soundness and social responsibility.

“It’s an honor to be recognized among companies that are anticipating and shaping the future,” said Andy Cecere, president and chief executive officer of U.S. Bancorp. “With the world around us changing faster than at any time in human history, positioning our company for growth tomorrow means creating the future today. I’m proud to work with our 73,000 U.S. Bankers up to take on this challenge with enthusiasm and integrity.”

Among superregional banks, the bank ranked No. 1 in eight of Fortune’s nine key attributes of reputation: quality of management, social responsibility, innovation, quality of products/services, people management, use of corporate assets, financial soundness and long-term investment value. Overall, U.S. Bank’s reputation within its industry is the fifth-highest of any company in any industry on the World’s Most Admired Companies list.

Fortune’s World’s Most Admired Companies are determined by a survey of executives, directors and analysts rating companies in their industry on a series of criteria.

Staff report