PNC looks toward the future to meet customer needs

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SIDNEY — “At PNC, we are looking beyond 2018 to the trends that will influence the financial services industry in the years ahead. The transformation of branch banking and the need for a mix of employee skills are largely known, while new developments related to cybersecurity, as well as mobile payment and authentication occur almost daily,” said Thomas Paul, Sidney branch manager.

His report continues:

Today, we have modified our branch system out of recognition that many customers opt for self-service methods of banking. More than half (62 percent) of PNC’s customers now use non-branch channels, e.g., online, mobile and ATM, for the majority of their transactions. This compares to 59 percent in third quarter 2016 and 39 percent just four years ago. To serve those ends, we will continue to invest in our mobile apps to make it easy for customers to transact where and how they want. The branch, rather than being a place for transactions, is evolving to offer more opportunities for in-depth conversations with a financial consultant.

Complementing the transformation of the bank branch experience, is the move to simplify and enhance products and services. As we streamline our processes, we aim to create a seamless customer experience regardless of the channel used. Along with product simplification, we expect continued improvements in functions that provide customers with more security in conducting transactions. The result is that customers will see multi-factor authentication, fingerprint verification and encrypted credit card use will become almost commonplace.

In Sidney, myself, along with my staff, including financial adviser Larry Hagan, lead a team that has extensive banking experience, including personal experience working with the owners of agricultural-based businesses.

Retail customers expect more digital connectivity, faster speed and easier interfaces with their financial providers. Commercial customers also want faster speeds, in addition to increased transparency and better pricing. PNC is positioning itself to capitalize on the increased digitization that offers customers safe, instant person-to-person payments and establishing relationships with solution providers whose expertise and capabilities bring opportunities for additional innovation.

Along with these advancements comes the threat of cyber-attacks, ID theft and fraud that are pervasive challenges faced by a number of industries. PNC has invested millions to put in place additional resources that protect our customers. They enhance safeguards to protect our customers’ privacy and security, reduce risk and stay ahead of potential threats.

Equally as important as how we work with and support our customers is a focus on how we care for the communities where we live, work and play. PNC builds strategic relationships with community-based nonprofits that promote growth and cultural enrichment through economic development initiatives, as well as initiatives that enhance educational opportunities for young children.

Our commitment to early childhood education, specifically through PNC Grow Up Great, leads us to collaborate with nonprofit organizations that provide quality programming to improve school preparedness for pre-K students. PNC Grow Up Great, a $350 million bilingual initiative that was founded in 2004 by The PNC Financial Services Group, Inc., helps prepare children from birth to age five for success in school and life.

In 2017, this initiative came to life on our area as PNC supported local organizations including Compassionate Care and Catholic Social Services. PNC also participated in livestock auctions at both Shelby and Auglaize County Fairs and sponsored the wrap up luncheon for the United Way.

PNC’s Sidney branch is located at 2221 W. Michigan (next to McDonald’s) and features an advanced function ATM. Contact me and his team at 937-498-4761.


For the Sidney Daily News