A call to action for local conservative voters

To the editor:

This is a call to action for local conservative voters. The upcoming November election will be critical to keeping the momentum of the Trump agenda alive.

Anyone who has been keeping track of the circus which is being called confirmation hearings in the nomination of a constitutional conservative supreme court judge should not need any more reason to get to the polls.

It is absolutely critical to replace the ultra-liberal Sherrod Brown, who will never vote in favor of a conservative nominee, with Jim Renacci, who has President Trump’s complete backing. He will vote to confirm conservative judges and will be a reliable vote reflecting our values on other issues.

If a conservative voter does need more incentive, perhaps the fact that Barack Obama (breaking long tradition of ex-presidents) has come to Ohio to campaign for Brown and another of his (and Elizabeth Warren’s) favorite liberals, Richard Cordray, for Governor, would suffice. Check it out. Cordray does not represent the opinions and values of the majority of people of this county, regardless of who might find a reason to step forward to support him.

Do not be content to think that Shelby County will very likely vote to support conservative candidates. This is about a much larger picture. The voter turnout in Shelby County must be huge (to coin a phrase) because every vote from places like this will be needed to counteract votes from big cities which are invariably going to be liberal.

Supposedly, liberals are extra-motivated to vote this year, so conservatives cannot afford to be complacent in any way. If there is any chance that you may not be able to make it to the polls on Nov. 6, take advantage of the opportunity for early voting at the Board of Elections, or better yet, apply for an absentee ballot and get it in early.

The kind of America we will be living in is up to us. The left has a far different vision than we do.

Denny York