City record

Fire, rescue


-3:59 to 4:26 a.m.: medical. Crews responded to two calls.


-8:43 p.m.: fire alarm. Crews responded to a false fire alarm.

-2:48 a.m. to 6:38 p.m.: medical. Crews responded to five calls. Medical assistance was not needed upon the arrival of one call.


-11:31 p.m.: transformer issue. Firefighters were dispatched on a transformer issue. Nothing was found.

-9:04 p.m.: downed lines. Firefighters responded to the report of downed lines.

-3:27 p.m.: fire alarm. Firefighters responded to a fire alarm.

-2:56 to 3:21 p.m.: crash. Medics responded to two automobile crashes. One was for mutual aid, but was cancelled en route.

-12:44 a.m. to 10:40 p.m.: medical. Crews responded to 16 calls.


-11:23 p.m.: open burn. Firefighters conducted an open burn investigation.

-11:56 a.m. to 9:14 p.m.: medical. Crews responded to six calls.

Compiled by Sheryl Roadcap.

Compiled by Sheryl Roadcap.