Smoke inhalation caused man’s death

Staff report

SIDNEY — Smoke inhalation is the cause of death for a man who died in a fire in December.

“Inhalation of products of combustion” is the official cause of death of Thomas A. Schroer, 58, Shelby County Coroner Dr. A. David McDonald said Wednesday. McDonald said he recently received test results in the case. The death also was found to be “accidental,” he said.

The fire occurred Dec. 7 at 1300 S. Main Ave., Schroer’s home. Investigators have not determined the cause of the blaze, but recently reported where it started. The Sidney-Shelby County Fire Investigation Unit, along with the State Fire Marshal’s office, determined the area of origin was a shared wall between the garage and living area of the house.

The structure and contents were a total loss, with damage estimated at more than $100,000.

Staff report