City record

Police log


-2:15 a.m.: property found. An iPhone and two iPods were found on South Miami Avenue and given to police.


-4:46 p.m.: unruly juvenile. Police investigated a complaint about an unruly juvenile.

-4:37 p.m.: theft. A backpack, school books and binders, and cell phone chargers, valued at $95, and $2 in cash were stolen from a vehicle at the residence of Dale Feazel, 802 Taft St.

-1:03 p.m.: domestic violence. Police arrested Roger Gibson Jr., 25, 906 N. Main Ave., on a charge of domestic violence. He allegedly assaulted Whitney Worley, 24, of the same address. She had an apparent minor injury.

-9:52 a.m.: drug abuse. Police arrested Sara Wiswasser, 33, at large, on Interstate 75 on charges of drug abuse and obstructing official business.

-9:07 a.m.: property found. A bike was found on Lane Street and given to police.

-8:35 a.m.: misuse of credit card. Kevin O’Leary, 1114 Port Jefferson Road, reported someone misused his credit card numbers.

-7:35 a.m.: theft. James Gudgel, 626 Lynn St., reported the theft of $1 from his vehicle at his residence.

-4:38 a.m.: theft. David Van Hook, 501 S. Highland Ave., reported someone entered his vehicle at his residence and stole a backpack containing survival gear.


-11:40 a.m.: theft. Bruce Wilson, 620 S. Miami Ave., reported the battery, valued at $10, was stolen from his truck parked at the back of his residence.


-8:41 p.m.: possession of drugs. Police arrested Michelle R. DuBose, 25, 314 N. West Ave., on charges of possession of drugs and possession of criminal tools. She allegedly had heroin and a syringe.

-5:42 p.m.: criminal damaging. Timothy Spradlin, 502 Forest Ave., reported the front windshield, bed liner and left-corner panel of his vehicle were damaged. Loss was $400.

-12:46 p.m.: unruly juvenile. A woman reported a juvenile left her residence without permission.

-9:50 a.m.: missing person. A woman reported a juvenile walked away from her residence.

-2:41 a.m.: contempt. Police arrested Joshua E. Taylor, 31, of Piqua, on a warrant.


-11:52 p.m.: criminal damaging. The mailbox was broken off the post at the residence of Terry Bauer, 2331 Broadway Ave. Loss was $100.

-5:34 p.m.: burglary. Jeffrey Aker, of Zephyr Hills, Florida, reported someone broke into his house at 604 Chestnut Ave. and stole copper piping, valued at $250. Also, a window was damaged, with a loss of $150.

-4:22 p.m.: trafficking in drugs. Police executed a search warrant and arrested Robert G. Farmer, 32, 209 Jefferson St., on a charge of drug trafficking.

-3:44 p.m.: assault. A woman reported someone shot her juvenile grandson with a pellet gun.

-10:01 a.m.: identity theft. Della Gilmore, 1046 N. Miami Ave., reported someone had attempted to use her credit card numbers to buy items in China.

-9:48 a.m.: theft. Keith Keller, 749 Johnston Drive, reported a bag full of tools, valued at $300, was stolen from his vehicle at his residence.

-6:39 a.m.: theft. Teresa Haller, 550 Jefferson St., reported someone entered her unlocked vehicle overnight at her residence and stole a graphing calculator and garage door opener, valued at $125.

-4:07 a.m.: property found. A cell phone battery was found and given to police.


-1:40 p.m.: contempt. Police arrested Caden Wisecup, 19, of Bowling Green, on a warrant.

JAN. 27

-1:44 p.m.: theft. Titan Utility Co., of Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey, reported two truck batteries, valued at $350, were stolen from construction equipment in the area of Walnut Avenue and Court Street.

JAN. 22

-2:53 p.m.: contributing to unruliness. A person provided an cell phone to a juvenile without the parent’s consent.


Sean Allen, 17, 17091 Sunset Drive, was cited with a traffic control device violation after an accident Friday at 7:11 a.m.

Autos driven by Allen and Dorothy A. Jones, 68, 829 N. Miami Ave., collided at the intersection of Miami Avenue and North street.

• Kornelis Wapenaar, 63, of Fairlawn, was cited with failure to yield the right of way after an accident Friday at 8:59 a.m.

Wapenaar pulled from the McDonalds restaurant parking lot onto Michigan Street and hit an eastbound car driven by Ralph A. Bauer, 52, 5490 Houston Road, Houston.

• Scott A. Woolley, 43, 7720 Hardin-Wapakoneta Road, was cited with failure to maintain an assured clear distance after an accident Friday at 2:26 p.m.

Woolley was westbound in the 400 block of West Russell Road and hit the rear of a pickup truck that was stopped in traffic. The driver of the other auto was William J. Nelson, 45, of Union City.

• Paula Zimmerman, 74, 118 Freedom Court, was cited with improper lane change after an accident Friday at 2:15 p.m.

Zimmerman was eastbound in the 400 block of West Russell Road and changed lanes from left to right, hitting an eastbound auto driven by Sarah Allen, 25, 301 New St.

• A driver tried to avoid an accident, but her car was sideswiped by a hit-and-run driver Friday at 7:28 a.m.

Jhiear Malveaux, 16, 1120 Jon Ave., told police she was driving on Highland Avenue, coming to the state Route 47 overpass, when she saw two cars coming from the opposite direction. The car that was behind the first auto was swerving back and forth like it was trying to pass. Malveaux said she pulled to the right side of the street. The car coming toward her kept swerving. She then pulled to the left side of the street. As the car passed Malveaux, the autos sideswiped. The other car left the scene.

• An accident occurred Monday at 3:47 p.m.

Andrew F. Ratermann, 31, 210 W. Parkwood St., was eastbound on Riverside Drive when his car’s left rear tire came off. It rolled onto the porch at 401 Riverside and knocked down a pillar. The pillar flew up and scuffed the windshield and hood of the parked car of Timothy Hutchinson, 401 Riverside Drive. The tire then flew over the Hutchinson auto and rolled onto the front porch at 407 Riverside, hitting a window in the house and breaking the glass.

• Louanne Hines, 62, 1155 Fairmont Drive, was cited with failure to control after an accident Monday at 5:17 p.m.

Hines was westbound on state Route 47 and turned into the driveway at Tim Horton’s restaurant. Her car struck an auto that was stopped in the driveway, waiting to exit. The driver of the other auto was Cheryl Jacobs, 60, 697 Norwood Ave.

Fire, rescue


-2:12 a.m.: Medics responded to a call.


-2:35 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.: Medics responded to 12 calls.

-7:47 p.m.: water problem. Firefighters were called to 402 Sixth Ave. to assist a resident with a water problem.

-10:15 a.m.: vehicle fire. Firefighters were called to a vehicle fire at the 86 mile marker of Interstate 75.


-7:45 a.m. to 11:45 p.m.: Medics responded to 10 calls.

-6:26 p.m.: alarm. Firefighters were called to 2500 N. Kuther Road. It was a false alarm caused by a malfunction.

-9:27 a.m.: alarm. Firefighters were called to 3003 Cisco Road. It was a false alarm.

Compiled by Michael Seffrin.

Compiled by Michael Seffrin.