City record

Police log


-2:05 a.m.: domestic violence. Police arrested Justin Fout, 33, 500 N. Vandemark Road, Apt. 14, for domestic violence.


-5:46 p.m.: theft. Linda Massengill, 64, 232 Oak Ave., reported someone stole the battery out of her vehicle.

-12:40 p.m.: theft. Kindal Spradlin, 20, 620 Arrowhead Drive, reported someone stole a diamond engagement ring from him.

-7:52 a.m.: theft. Jason King, 34, 14150 Harmon Road, Anna, reported someone entered his vehicle the night before, while it was parked in the 600 block of Ronan Street, and removed several items including a black folder case with ID papers, chain handcuffs, and multiple CD’s.

-1:26 a.m.: found property. A license plate, numbered GSH1019, was found in the 400 block of West Hoewisher Road. It was turned over the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office for follow-up.

Fire, rescue


-8:19 a.m.: Crews responded to the 1800 block of Glenn Place for a carbon monoxide (CO) detector. It was activated due to malfunction.

-2:10 to 7:15 a.m.: Medics responded to five calls.

-12:45 a.m.: Crews responded to the 600 block of Folkerth Avenue for a CO detector. The building was ventilated.

-12:41 a.m.: Medics responded to a call.


-10:12 p.m.: Crews responded to the 700 block of Country Side Lane for an odor investigation.

-11:51 a.m.: Medics responded to a call.

-10:28 a.m.: Crews responded to the 400 block of South Stolle Avenue for a fire alarm. The fire was out upon arrival.

-9:39 a.m.: Medics responded to a call.

Compiled by Alexandra Newman

Compiled by Alexandra Newman