City record

Police log


-6:40 p.m.: theft. Trintiy N. L Ollhoff, 31, 324 E. Pinehurst St., was arrested for theft after $30.23 worth of groceries was reported stolen at Walmart on Michigan Street when she allegedly did not scan all of the items in her shopping cart.

-6:16 p.m.: theft. Police are investigating the report of the theft of a Taurus revolver with a black handle, valued at $315, that was reported stolen at 604 Chestnut Ave.

-12:05 p.m.: criminal trespass. A criminal trespassing and the theft of a pack of cigarettes and $20 were reported stolen at 223 E. Court St., Apt. B.

-11:47 a.m.: theft. Police received a report of the theft of $1,000 that was allegedly stolen from a man’s wallet while he was sleeping at 500 N. Vandemark Road, Apt 80.


-10:46 p.m.: criminal trespass. Layla Bingham, 24, 100143 Maria Drive, was arrested for criminal trespassing.

-5:32 p.m.: criminal damaging. Police received a report someone threw a rock through a window at 307 E. Court St. The damage is set at $150.

-12:08 p.m.: contempt. Shayla Dalynn Partin, 29, of Greenville, was arrested on a contempt warrant.

-10:01 a.m.: probation violation. Jody Lynn Napier-Bunnell, 48, of Dayton, was arrested on a probation violation warrant.

-1:02 a.m.: driving under the influence. Darius Roberts, 25, of Fairborn, was arrested for OVI.

-12:31 a.m.: OVI. Brent Goble, 54, 6081 Pasco Mantra Road, was arrested for OVI.


-9:33 p.m.: felonious assault. Daniel Fitzpatrick, 22, of Conover, was arrested for felonious assault.

-9:18 p.m.: theft. The past theft of $50 at 215 Belmont St. was reported to the police.

-1:14 p.m.: probation violation. Kyle B. Cooper, 26, of Belle Center, was arrested on a probation violation warrant.

-12:44 a.m.: warrant. Courtney Hill, 24, 144 Brooklyn Ave., was arrested on a warrant.

-9:45 a.m.: violate protection order. Travis England, 28, at large, was arrested for violate protection order.

-9:08 a.m.: theft. Police received a report of the theft of a rose and gold Apple iPhone 8 plus, valued at $800, at 700 N. Main Ave.

-8:27 a.m.: contempt. Katie J. Corner, 22, 619 S. Main Ave., was arrested on a contempt warrant.

-7:31 a.m.: theft. The past theft of four cameras, valued at $980 total, was reported stolen at Menards on North Lester Avenue.


-3:17 p.m.: theft without consent. Police received a report of an altercation and the theft of $500 at 315 Wilson Ave.

April 8

-2:10 a.m.: criminal damaging. A window was reported to have been broken by someone unknown on the south side of the residence at 105 N. Walnut Ave.


Sara J. McMahon, 15, of Sidney, was cited with operating a vehicle without reasonable control after a one-vehicle crash on Saturday at 12:53 p.m.

McMahon was turning left onto Broadway Avenue from Russell Road when she didn’t straighten out the steering wheel after turning and also hit the gas instead of the vehicle’s brakes. The vehicle then drove over the curb and into the yard of 430 Russell Road and struck the rock landscaping and stairs coming from the house. McMahon had a temporary permit and had a licensed driver with her.

• No one was cited for a crash with a pedestrian on private property on Friday at 5:53 p.m.

Victoria Ann Frohna, 67, 105 E. Bennett St., was backing from a parking spot in the Walmart Parking lot on Michigan Street when she did not see and struck the shopping cart that Stella Louise Williams, 79, 9000 County Road 25A, was pushing in the parking lot.

The collision with the cart then caused Williams to fall over; she was then transported by Sidney Fire to Wilson Health.

• No one was cited after two vehicle crash on Thursday at 8:37 p.m.

Eric L. Marshal, 27, of Wapakoneta, was traveling eastbound on Michigan Street and attempting to turn left onto the northbound Interstate 75 on-ramp when he pulled out in front of the westbound vehicle on Michigan Street, driven by Noah T. Goodin, 22, 311 1/2 Maple St., that was going through the intersection at the I-75 on-ramp causing Goodin to hit him.

Two witnesses told police they saw Goodin and another vehicle traveling westbound on state Route 47 near Speedway at a high rate of speed. They said they heard the cars operating at what sounded like high revolutions. It is unknown, the police report said, at this time however, if Goodin was involved in drag racing. Possible surveillance footage may be obtained later. The police report said the driver said he may have been going 40-45 mph, but not a high rate of speed.

Both drivers were transported by Sidney to Wilson Health.

• No one was cited after a two-vehicle crash on private property at the Sidney High School on Wednesday at 2:30 p.m.

Katelyn A. Reilley, 16, of Sidney, was backing out of a parking spot in the Sidney High School parking lot on Campbell Road when she struck a parked vehicle and then left the scene.

The parked vehicle is owned by Scott M. Seeback, 329 Williams St.

A witness reported she saw Reilley parked next the Seeback’s vehicle and then had left the scene. Police made contact with Reilley and also had observed her vehicle had paint transferred onto it. Reilley admitted she struck the other vehicle but did not think there was any damage. Reilley was given a warning by police for the leaving the scene of the crash.

• Jeanette Kauffman, 85, 1225 Hancock St., was cited with starting and backing after a two vehicle crash on Wednesday at 2:05 p.m.

Kauffman was backing out of her driveway on Hancock Street when she failed to see and struck the parked vehicle across the street from her driveway.

The parked vehicle is owned by Lisa Kauffman, 301 Stewart Drive.

Fire, rescue


-3:25 a.m.: medical. Crews responded to a call.

-3:09 a.m.: fire alarm. Crews responded to a false fire alarm.


-5:07 a.m. to 9:41 p.m.: medical. Crews responded to seven calls.


-10:04 to 10:29 p.m.: service call. Crews conducted two service calls.

-8 a.m. to 7:11 p.m.: fire alarm. Crews responded to three false fire alarms.

-1:04 a.m. to 10:05 p.m.: medical. Crews responded to 12 calls.


-8:29 p.m.: open burn. Firefighters conducted an open burn investigation. The fire was permitted.

-3 to 9:54 p.m.: medical. Crews responded to eight calls.

Compiled by Sheryl Roadcap.

Compiled by Sheryl Roadcap.