County record

Sheriff’s log


-7:38 p.m.: high speed pursuit. Shelby County Deputies assisted Sidney Police Department (SPD) in a pursuit with a northbound, dark green 2016 Harley Davidson motorcycle on Thompson Schiff Road headed into the county.

According to a report from the Sheriff’s Office, there was only one SPD unit in pursuit of the motorcycle and deputies responded to different areas around the pursuit. Deputy Warren Melerine responded to the east and the pursuit continued on Thompson Schiff to Sharp Road. The pursuit then headed eastbound on Sharp Road to Pasco Montra Road before turning southbound on Pasco Montra Road.

Melerine intercepted the pursuit at the intersection of Pasco Montra and Broad Street. The motorcycle continued south on Pasco Montra then turned westbound on state Route 47 headed back toward Sidney.

Speeds were increasing as the pursuit continued westbound, averaging through the portion of state Route 47 to Lochard Road between 75-85 mph. The motorcycle was passing vehicles, and at one point exceeded 9o mph. When approaching Sidney Freyburg Road, Melerine reported the motorcycle was at about 85 mph and was headed southbound in the northbound lanes.

SPD was set up at the intersection of state Route 47 and Sidney Freyburg Road and had traffic stopped but there was an oncoming vehicle in the lane of travel. The motorcycle continued on state Route 47 to Port Jefferson Road, and then turned onto Port Jefferson Road going back into the city of Sidney. The motorcycle continued at a high rate of speed of approximately 70 mph on Port Jefferson Road to Beck Drive. The motorcycle turned onto Beck Drive and Sidney Police Officer Robert Benshoff, who was in the lead of the pursuit continued on Port Jefferson towards Russell Road.

Melerine then took the lead in the pursuit and said it appeared the subject was headed towards a residence on Letitia Drive. The motorcyclist turned onto Letitia Drive and into a driveway. The biker continued through the yard with Melerine following him into the backyard. The man was able to escape out of the backyard through a walkway and a brick wall that Melerine’s cruiser was unable to fit through. Melerine attempted to get turned around and get back in the pursuit but the pursuit was terminated by his sergeant at that point, the report said. The subject continued westbound on Russell Road and was last seen going northbound on state Route 29 headed out of the city.

The original stop was for expired license plates, which expired January 2018. The owner of the motorcycle also has a suspended license, the report said.

-2:29 p.m.: K9 training. Deputies conducted K9 training at the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office on Gearhart Road.

-8:20 a.m.: trash dumping. Deputies were dispatched to the 1400 block of Gearhart Road in Orange Township on the report trash was dumped.

-2:10 a.m.: trespassing. Deputies responded to a trespassing report at Wilson Health on state Route 47.


-7:28 p.m.: investigate complaint. Deputies received a report neighbors in the 4900 block of state Route 29 in Green Township were shooting guns for a while.

-6:32 p.m.: stolen vehicle. Deputies were dispatched to the 19700 block of Pence Road in Perry Township on the report an ATV was stolen.

Village log


-12:54 a.m.: threats or harassment. Jackson Police responded to a threat report in the 100 block of Redbud Circle in Jackson Township.


-7:34 a.m.: threats or harassment. Fort Loramie Police responded to a threat or harassment report in the 11500 block of Eilerman Road in McLean Township.

Fire, rescue


-12:28 p.m.: fire. Fort Loramie Rescue and Fire Department and Minster Fire responded to the report of smoke at 60 Elm St. in McLean Township.

-9:53 a.m.: medical. Anna Rescue responded to the 300 block of West State Street in Dinsmore Township.


-10:50 p.m.: medical. Perry Port Salem Rescue responded to the 3300 block of state Route 29 in Green Township.

Compiled by Sheryl Roadcap.

Compiled by Sheryl Roadcap.