City record

Police log


-7:27 p.m.: warrant. Aaron D. McGinnis, 51, was arrested on a warrant.

-6:53 p.m.: crime in progress. Dennis Lee Fries, 53, of Sidney, was arrested for violating a protection order or consent agreement.

-1:19 p.m.: suspicious subject or vehicle. Police responded to a suspicious subject or vehicle in the 300 block of Fourth Avenue.

-12:05 p.m.: threats. Police responded to threats in the 1000 block of Park Street.


Kylieghe Amanda Hicks, 22, of Sidney, was cited with right of way when turning left after a two-vehicle crash on Wednesday at 2:29 p.m.

Hicks was traveling southbound on North Vandemark Road and entered the intersection of Vandemark Road and Michigan Street to turn left. Sara N. Nagel, 29, of Maria Stein, was traveling northbound on South Vandemark Road. The light turned yellow and Nagel proceeded through the intersection while Hicks began to turn left, causing a collision.

Compiled by Charlotte Caldwell

Compiled by Charlotte Caldwell