Municipal court

In Sidney Municipal Court July 13, 2016, visiting Judge Robert Deddens fined Brandon Vanhook, 24, 1527 E. Court St., Apt. J, $375, with $128 costs, for DUI breath first offense amended from DUI alcohol drugs first offense. He was also ordered to spend five days in jail, complete probation, attended the Shelby County Intervention Program, and his license be suspended. A charge of stopping after an accident was dismissed, along with a DUS-judgment suspension charge. On a charge of driving within lanes he was fined $25 with $10 costs.

• Chase Torres, 22, 17120 State Route 274, Botkins, resisting arrest, $150 fine, $105 costs, 30 days jail with 30 days suspended, probation concurrent with a DUI alcohol drugs first offense charge. For that he was fined $375, with $95 costs, five days in jail, license suspension, and the Shelby County Intervention Program. A failure to reinstate license charge was dismissed, along with a speeding charge with $10 court costs.

• Kacee Dingle, 21, 206 Grove St., seat belt violation, $30 fine, $92 costs.

• Jessica Russell, 525 Chestnut Ave., prohibited parking places, $76 costs.

• Devin O’Leary, 31, 664 Fair Road, speed, $30 fine, $105 costs.

• Lori Moore, 53, 447 E. Edgewood St., speed, $30 fine, $105 costs.

• Dion Wells, 20, 367 W. Parkwood St., speed, $70 fine, $111 costs.

Compiled by Alexandra Newman

Compiled by Alexandra Newman