Greenville man arrested for impersonating a peace officer

Staff report

SIDNEY — A Greenville man was charged by Shelby County Sheriff’s Office deputies after he allegedly posed as a peace officer.

Matthew J. Dillon, 47, of Greenville, was charged with aggravated menacing, a first degree misdemeanor; criminal trespass, a fourth degree misdemeanor; and impersonating a peace officer, a fourth degree misdemeanor; following an incident on July 17.

According to the Sheriff’s Office, a 911 call from Carla S. Butt, on Commanche Drive, was received that a repossession driver had pulled a gun on people at her residence. Shortly after the 911 call, Dillon, who was identified as the repossession driver, also called 911 stating he had been assaulted by a group of people.

Dillon told deputies he didn’t have a weapon and was out of the area of the scene. He met with deputies at a gas station. He said he was looking for a 2005 Ford Explorer and the person who owned the vehicle had several addresses he had to check out.

He saw a vehicle matching the description parked across the street from 10944 Commanche Drive. While he was looking at the VIN number, a person from the group at the residence asked him what he was doing. Other people began questioning Dillon on what he was doing.

A second deputy went to the residence to talk to those at the party. The deputy was told by Daniel Branscum, of Sidney, that they were having a gathering for a person who had passed away. Branscum said Dillon told them he was a deputy sheriff and showed them his gun. Dillon allegedly told the group he would arrest them for public intoxication and pulled his gun on them.

Freddie Martz, of Sidney, who was at the gathering, reportedly pushed Dillon into his vehicle and other person, Ann “Katy” Wilson, of Sidney, slapped Dillon.

A resident at another house, Sam Waldroop Jr., told deputies he saw the truck driver and he observed that the man had a gun on his side. He watched Dillon allegedly point the gun at the group and heard him state that he was a deputy sheriff.

The deputies questioned Dillon again and he told them he did have a gun and apologized for lying. He said he has two BB guns that he keeps in the doors of his truck. When he left Commanche Drive, he hid the guns near another residence.

The deputies recovered the BB guns, which were in a holster.

His first court date is Monday, July 25, at 1:30 p.m.

Staff report